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Weather Shield has been committed to making windows and doors the best way we know how— by putting the wants of our customers first. Today, this philosophy remains the heart and soul of everything we do.

Our focus on innovative and flexible solutions clearly distinguishes Weather Shield from other window and door companies. It’s the reason we offer more styles, shapes, sizes and options in more product lines than anyone else in the industry. It’s what drives us to design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality, most energy efficient products possible.

Back in 1955, Edward “Lee” Schield began with a vision and used his own personal savings to purchase aluminum extrusion parts. He assembled them, by hand, into storm doors and sold his products to homeowners in the Central Wisconsin area. Schield soon expanded his business by calling on contractors and while the number of orders continued to increase, the foundation of becoming a leading manufacturer of windows and doors was underway.

Today, Weather Shield remains family-owned, with three generations actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Weather Shield continues to grow and thrive by striving to offer only the highest quality products. Over the years, dedication to innovation has grown the company into one of the nation’s leading window and door manufacturers.

Based in Medford, Wisconsin, Weather Shield proudly offers its comprehensive products and services nationwide. With more than 1,900 employees dedicated to provide everything homeowners want in windows and doors, we invite you to discover everything Weather Shield has to offer.

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In 1960, JELD-WEN began as a small Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees. During those early days, they established a culture based on inspired vision, thoughtful planning, and diligent craftsmanship. That has helped JELD-WEN become a well-respected company with over 150 divisions and more than 20,000 employees worldwide. As a JELD-WEN customer, you can count on reliable products and service. JELD-WEN is a comprehensive source for dependable wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows and patio doors.

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Gerkin Windows

As with all of the products we sell, we were careful when looking for another source for vinyl windows. We know that we made the correct decision when we chose Gerkin. Gerkin windows started back in 1932 with a primary focus on manufacturing energy-saving window and door products. Throughout their history, they have established themselves as an innovator in the design and manufacturing of insulated windows and doors.

Vinyl Windows

  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Single & Double Hung Windows
  • Casement & Awning
  • Bays, Bows & Patio Doors

WeatherBarr Windows

The Harry G Barr Building Specialties was the original name of this one-man operation that came into being during the waning days of the depression. Founded in 1934, WeatherBarr has focused on product innovation for window and door products. For over 70 years, WeatherBarr has provided the highest quality building materials available. A product is only as good as the quality of the company that stands behind it.

  • Vinyl Windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Single & Double Hung Windows
  • Casement & Awning
  • Patio Doors

Window Replacements

For hundreds of years, wood has been the primary material used to construct windows. Old-growth lumber was perfect for construction — its natural resistance to rot helped windows last for centuries. In the mid 1900s, as the old-growth forests thinned and more sustainable practices were put into place, much younger trees had to be harvested for building materials. This led to a much inferior wood being used for window construction. In the ’50s through the ’90s, most windows were still wood; however, with inferior wood and just a primer coat from the factory, we were left with high rates of window rot.

Window Evolution

Windows have evolved to aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, clad wood windows and some treated wood windows like AuraLast by JELD-WEN. Vinyl has become the mainstay due to its lower cost, low maintenance and its longevity. However, not all vinyl windows are created equal.

If you are replacing windows because of rot, vinyl, JELD-WEN AuraLast wood windows with a lifetime wood-rot warranty or Weather Shield with Tricore design will solve the problem. But if you are replacing windows because of drafts, be careful what you buy. There are many windows out there that are ENERGY STAR rated, but they may let in more air than your old drafty windows. This is because the government regulations and ENERGY STAR ratings have nothing to do with air infiltration (draft).

Air Infiltration

Most window manufacturers do not even put their air-infiltration rating on their energy-rating stickers. It would be a shame to spend money on replacing old drafty wood windows only to end up with new drafty windows. Give us a call and let us show you windows that fix your rot and draft problems.

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