Fast and friendly delivery has always been a priority for us. We have a truck to handle almost every type of order. Our box trucks will deliver finish materials, doors and windows. We have two large flatbed trucks with truck-mounted forklifts for large deliveries or those hard-to-reach locations. Along with our fleet of standard flatbed dump trucks, we have two small one-ton flatbed trucks that are equipped with four wheel drive for backyard access or off-road delivery. We offer delivery to the Wichita area and beyond, and we coordinate our deliveries between both yards to give you the fastest delivery and the friendliest service. Contact one of our stores to see if we can deliver to your location.

Window and Screen Repair

We have in-house window and screen repair shops and we can handle most screen and storm window repairs in one business day. There may be an extended repair time for large units or insulated glass units.

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Whatever your project, we can help you get started. Whether you come with an idea or a full-scale plan, we can help you with decks, siding, roofing, windows, doors, framing material, finish trim, fencing, and many other projects.

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“Thanks again for all your good help. Everyone was very talented and professional that we had in our home.”
— Sherrill