At Fisher Lumber, we stock a large inventory of framing lumber all year round. We also keep a variety of exterior plywoods and OSBs in stock. We live for quality, so we keep our lumber under cover to help maintain the highest degree of quality possible. We’ll meet your needs today, and we’ll adapt to your changing needs tomorrow. Delivery is always available, and of course you’ll be met with nothing short of quality service each time we meet.

Framing Lumber

Have a building need? Our framing lumber is graded as #2 and better, which means you’ll have straighter lumber. Our 9,000-square-foot framing lumber building helps to keep our lumber stored and away from the weather. When “standard” and “better” aren’t good enough, come see us.

Finish Trim

We stock an extensive selection of oak, maple, alder, poplar, pine and primed poplar lumber and finish trim. With thousands of lineal feet of trim in stock, you’re bound to find something for your new home or remodeling project. Get more information about our trim here.

Treated MCA Lumber

Almost every project uses treated lumber, which is why we only keep #1 and better treated lumber.

Rough Cedar

From 1×2 trim to 8×8 posts, rough cedar fills many needs in construction. We work to maintain some of the nicest looking rough cedar in the area. If there is a special item you need, chances are we can get it for you.

Laminated Beams

Need a engineered beam to open up that room or to create a door? We carry microlam, paralam and glulam beams. We can also check the recommended beam size for your project.


We carry a plywood for almost every project imaginable.

In Stock

  • We stock pre-cut 2×4 studs in 92 5/8”, 104 5/8”, and 116 5/8”. We have 2×4 studs in solid and finger joint studs to meet all your needs.
  • We stock pre-cut 2×6 studs in 92 5/8”, 104 5/8”, and 116 5/8”.
  • In dimensional lumber, we have 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12 in numerous lengths.
  • We stock a full selection of the MCA treated yellow pine dimensional lumber and plywood.
  • For exterior plywoods, we stock CD grade plywood for wall and roof sheeting. For the sub-floor, we have struck #1 sanded in yellow pine and fir.
  • In the OSBs, we stock 7/16”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1 1/8” for wall, roof, and sub-floor sheeting, along with Huber’s Zip Wall & Roof Systems.

For more information, visit the links below or e-mail us at [email protected].

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