Meet the Team


Our sales team is dedicated to making each project go as smoothly as possible — from planning to the final touches. We have some of the finest material available in the construction industry and we believe we have the finest employees in the industry as well. If you need something special, give us a call.

Jack Fisher

Jack Fisher has been with Fisher Lumber Company for 30+ years. Jack is a contractor salesman with years of experience in the lumber industry.

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher has been with Fisher Lumber Company for 30+ years. Mark is a contractor salesman with years of experience in all fields of construction. Terrific at what he does, Mark will help you with your project from start to finish.

George Meyer

George Meyer has been with Fisher Lumber Company for 30+ years. George is a contractor salesman who also has experience from the ground up when it comes to residential and commercial construction.

Dennis Meyer

Dennis Meyer has 30+ years of service for Fisher Lumber Company. He specializes in contractor sales and new home construction.

Larry Lampe

Larry Lampe has been with Fisher Lumber Company for 30+ years. Larry has the knowledge and background on every product we sell and even a number of products that we don’t. Larry has residential and commercial experience.

Rod Fisher

Rod Fisher has been with Fisher Lumber Company for 30+ years. Rod manages our woodshop, where we make custom moldings. Rod also purchases our trim moldings and lumber, and he is a major part of our inside sales team.

Kevin Hammond

Kevin has been with Fisher Lumber for over 15 years. Kevin is in charge of the window department, and can help you with your exterior door needs.

Brandon Mies

Brandon helps manage the delivery dispatch. Keeping 20+ trucks coming and going is quite the job, but Brandon still finds time to help pull deliveries, and he has been known to jump in and drive when needed. Brandon’s cool disposition and quick thinking help keep things running smoothly when we are going at full speed.

Kendall Fisher

Kendall oversees the countertop department and custom woodshop. Kendall also lasers templates for countertops, installs countertops, and builds custom cabinet doors.

Jeff Couey

Jeff is our lead countertop fabricator. Jeff installs countertops and fireplace units and works in the custom woodshop.

Darin Leis

Darin heads up the door shop. Darin’s attention to detail and commitment to quality are easily seen in the prehung doors he makes every day. With prehung door units, the unit is only as good as the person that makes them. That’s why we feel we produce some of the best prehung units available.

Eli Carter

Eli has been a hard worker for a couple of years and has earned the nickname “Mr. Hardware” for putting away hardware every week.

Derek Fisher

Derek always greets you with a smile and solidifies where Fisher’s friendly reputation comes from. Derek works in the lumber department assisting customers. He also pulls and delivers material.

BJ Fisher

BJ, like most of the other Fishers, has deep family roots in the lumber business. BJ is one of our drivers and he also helps pull material and assist customers.

Josh Cook

Josh has been with Fisher Lumber for nearly a decade and, most days, you can find him behind the wheel of our forklift delivery truck. Josh knows his way around the yard as well and is happy to help.

Joe Gassmann

Joe Gassmann manages both our Fisher Lumber Showroom showroom and fireplace department. He is NFI Certified in gas, wood, and pellet, and holds the MHP, the highest certification in the hearth industry. Joe has been with Fisher Lumber for over 23 years.

Josh Tucker

Josh Tucker has been with Fisher Lumber for over 13 years. He is NFI Certified and is our lead installer for all hearth units.


Blake is one of our kitchen designer/window specialists. He has been in the building material industry for over 8 years. Blake works with contractor sales for all their cabinet bids and orders.

Melissa Grafing

Melissa Grafing offices out of Fisher Lumber Showroom. With years of experience in home remodeling and cabinet design, Melissa works as our inside contractor saleswoman. She will make your project go smoothly.

Andale Lumber


Shane Grafing- 641-1760 20+ years of service

Justin Reichenberger 10+ years of service

Pat Reichenberger 45+ years of service

Mark Mertes 45+ years of service

Paul Schauf 25+ years of service

Clint 20+ years of service

Kevin 15+ years of service


Duane Gorges 20+ years of service

Wayne Gorges 5+ years of service

Brent 20+ Years of service

Matt 10+ years of service

hear from our customers

“Thanks again for all your good help. Everyone was very talented and professional that we had in our home.”
— Sherrill